Brewery Terra Firma is unique in its approach as a brewery and as an agricultural destination. Through the integration of sustainable production methods, environmentally conscious waste management and innovative water recycling/reclamation techniques, we hope to become a model for breweries and agricultural destinations throughout the nation.

The BrewhouseThe brew house is an engineered mix of new and old technologies and techniques. Whole ingredients are used with traditional brewing equipment which is controlled by state of the art systems that manage temperature throughout the brewing process. These same systems harvest waste BTU's, capturing the energy that would normally be lost and reusing it to preheat ingredients, maintain product temperatures, and even heat the taproom via an in-floor heating system. Waste materials such as process water and spent grain are also captured and stored for fertilization and irrigation of our crops.

The prep table in the brewery quite often looks like the prep area in a fine restaurant. Fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables are a common sight, along with an amazing array of spices, roots and even flowers. Whole foods, fresh frozen or dried are used, artificial flavorings, extracts and coloring agents are not. The beer is unfiltered, its clarity being attained by the addition of natural clarifying agents and allowing ample time for the beer to condition.

Brewery Terra Firma began brewing operations in May of 2013, with the taproom opening to the public in July of the same year.

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