The plan is simple: To brew the best beer possible, and to respect the land, the community, our patrons and our employees while doing it.

Simple, not easy.

Our goal is not to simply make the best beer around, but to also make that beer simply. While it would be easier to use prepackaged, preprocessed ingredients in our brews, we believe that the simpler solution is to make them ourselves. Whenever possible we will produce our own ingredients right on site at Brewery Terra Firma. Those that can't be produced at our facility due to space constraints will be grown by local farmers. Ingredients that cannot be grown locally because of climate or soil conditions will be obtained from the nearest possible source. Sourcing locally not only cuts down on our carbon footprint, it also brings opportunity and strength to the community. While we recognize that we live in a global economy, we feel it is essential (and in our best interest) to invest in the local economy whenever possible.

Success before profit.

We will not comprimise our goals simply to increase profits. This doesn't mean we intend to lose money. On the contrary, we feel we have an obligation to our employees and patrons along with the community at large to be profitable. That being said, profit alone does not drive us, nor will it alone dictate our actions. We believe it is quite possible to run a successful business, one where owners, employees and patrons all benefit from that success, and still be able to maintain a positive balance sheet.

Innovate for the future.

We will never stop trying to improve. We will strive to constantly improve the quality and uniqueness of our brews, improve the equipment and methods for brewing, improve techniques for growing our crops, and find ways to contibute to the health and well being of our community and environment. There is no such thing as good enough, no such thing as too much knowledge, and no such thing as a failed experiment. While trying new things may not always produce the desired result, it will always produce new knowledge and insight.